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It hasn't opened overseas at all yet. Naked mature women free pics. Beth "took" the file and stabbed herself in the cheek, but when Nina fled the file was still in her hands, and she dropped it.

Remember me. Black swan cab scene. Why didnt her mother succeed as a dancer, or is what happen to beth, someone of what happen to her mother. She insists on undressing Nina. But abt the incident that night Well, one thing about the movie I think is pretty successful is the fact that even though it's told entirely from Nina's POV, nevertheless, reality breaks through to the audience. I interpreted the ending as her dieing because she actually stabbed herself when she thought she was stabbing Lily.

Much hallucination ensues. I got the impression that she was stabbed, but that no one noticed it because she was in the black swan costume no hole, no visible blood on the feathers. After the reception, she fixes on a statue that she feels kin to, one with wings, but no arms to defend itself, without sex, its face a mask of pain. Darling darla naked. When Nina is standing on the stage and looking at Rothbart, then the prince, then lastly the audience, she looks ready to cry, as if she may have second thought or regrets.

When Nina gets the lead, Beth hates her for it, calls her a whore 4and then the maternal figure, Beth, is badly hurt in a car accident. I find it very hard to suspend belief. She also speculated as to whether Portman's omission of Lane's name during her acceptance speech was a case of "forgetfulness in the heat of the moment? And she lost a lot of weight so that if you looked at her, you would say she could pass from the arms up as a dancer.

She in turn does turn metaphorically into the black swan, become angry and violent at her situation. Dance Magazine. The entire time the mom doesn't even glance at Lily, she only speaks and looks at Nina. January 15, 4: She dreams about being the white swan, she ACTS like the perfect white swan One of the people I was discussing it with after pointed out that the difference was the POV from which that final leap was shot -- from below when the leaper was male, from above when she was female, similar to the partner's POV in missionary-style heterosexual sex.

Granted, that's probably just me wanting a neater resolution. But if that scene was real then they both saw Nina and would they not have confronted her about it?

Tragically they converge alongside her peaking psychosis. Did she actually do that or was that all in her head? The problem, the more I think about it, is that I was neither rooting for or against Nina. Archived from the original on August 21, During sex, there are intermittent, frightening moments for Nina, when Lily is suddenly her. And the pink one. When they get in the house, Lily "slips away" into the hallway and the mother never acknowledges her.

That's funny, you ignored the very similar explanation I posted yesterday. Asian milky tits. Veronica goes all snarky while Nina demands to talk to Lily this second. Maybe it was a good decision to have Nina's darker moments only affect her and her mother - by keeping the destructive consequences fairly contained, we have a harder time knowing the true extent of her delusions.

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Also, a main source of this movie's nightmare - useless advice. That's not what I was thinking. Big naked tits pictures. We now have this second sequence, where she practices practices practices, repetitively, punishingly, at such length that the accompanist finally leaves.

I can't connect to a character like that and, thus, can't connect to the movie. It works. Black swan cab scene. Natalie Portman will certainly get an Oscar nomination for Best Actress and there will be nominations for best editing, best director and best picture too. Well, I'd say you've earned it, sweetie.

The movie itself tells you exactly what is going on. No idea about Black Swan as I haven't seen it. Nina looks at herself in the mirror, and the reflections take a life of their own, looking back at her. I think lily is real, but nina envies her so much, lily appears more than shes really there, and ninas own black swan image gets distorted due to her envy.

She had it the whole time?

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Nina died, Nina stabbed Beth, Lily was real, Nina scratched herself on her shoulder blades because it sometimes feels like wings on her back, which to Nina is quite irritating, also she was NOT sexually abused by her Mum. Vienna naked in public. The Queen in Swan Lake is pressuring her son to grow up and get married, while Nina's mother is apparently determined to keep her a child.

The wood was moved by the mother as she left the room. Facebook VKontakte Google. If you were to go see Swan Lake performed, you had better get your ass out of that seat at the end of the ballet and applaud the Swan Queen. I just got back from the late show of Black Swan. Dance Channel TV Network. ABC News. I think Nina seized the idea of Lily as her rival and sexual interest, and that Nina, due to her craziness, had her dark side manifest itself as Lily. Nina wakes up, and we hear receding footsteps Nina made it through the night, and mom can go about her day now.

She opens her eyes and we see a POV shot of her bathroom from under the surface. Adult lesbian breastfeeding porn. Natalie Portman must have ugly toes after making this movie.

Holy shit TL;DR. I can't speak as to why, of course, but it did prompt one of the funniest post-movie wrap-up comments I've heard in a while. Anyway, this might be a long post. March 16, 1: Oh, Winona got hit by a car in a supposed suicide attempt. Nina and her mom i only thought about this much later possibly even weeks?

They also have that conversation in the morning. Again, blink and you miss it, but I think this is because it's really her mom in the kitchen. Twitter Facebook Reddit Print. Then Nina arrives at the last minute and insists that she's still going to dance the lead role, so Lily is stuck playing Swan 3. Do you remember any scenes that Portman is not in? Nina's death at the end of the film does not necessarily mean that she died although it is implied.

Cornelius Poppycock April 30, 8: Nina can only see sex as an experience of suffering, where she is acting on the order of others — and this is what dancing is like for her as well. This is definitely one of my favorite setups yet. Sergio Torrado I just saw it last night.

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ANIMATED NUDE PICS I can't act like that. She got stabbed when she was fighting imaginary Lily, she taught she stabbed Lily but really she stabbed herself. This will give Portman her Academy Award.
Lesbian classic tube Need a professional opinion I believe. Lily would do what she was reluctant to do, including touching herself.
Lesbian sport sex I've been losing my mind.
Www hamster porn video I thought the movie was okay. The symbolism of literally letting one's hair down may be too obvious, but it bloody works. It's certainly not the only movie with a similar ending.

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