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If he is to present himself hairless then he will know the consequences of the Mistress finding a hair on his belly and she will have a reason for punishment. Voyeur pussy pictures. As my slave you are certainly not allowed the privilege of privacy or modesty! Nervously she entered my house and stood in the center of the floor, tentatively offering the completed contract for my perusal.

I didn't think so, as far as my experience told me she was as broadminded as the rest of my friends. I used it frequently during his training but it is still around and he knows I may check at any time if I suspect any slackness in his posture. His head hair is also kept shaved smooth on a daily basis before he presents himself for inspection. Training a slave. Then I remembered my camera. Without turning, he spoke, a deep toneless voice, slightly unnerving me.

Whilst the Mistress eats her breakfast the slave can be setting out her clothes for the day if he has been given instructions, running a bath or simply kneeling or bellying to the floor beside the bed. Waiting for her to finish on the toilet, I turned on the shower and stood back to admire her as she washed, an operation, which I found highly erotic. He crawls forward to kiss my boots and takes anything I may be carrying. Desi girl pk. Enslaved amateur gets dick in all holes.

But of course there are many more an imaginative Mistress may devise for her slave to learn. Women who are true believers in Female Domination and Female Supremacy must love the male creature or we would not train them to be what we want them to be. She began to smile, as Debbie tried to outwit her, randomly jerking her hips against the phallus, as Shona let it slide easily through her fingers, teasing her mercilessly. Why should she know about them?

Communicate your desires. Busty amateur girl leaves BF to roughly fuck her in dominant manners. There is no better way to humble a slave than to get him to repeat a task he has already completed. This - www. It was his habit, allegedly, to occasionally visit fetish clubs around the United Kingdom, searching for naive, ownerless slaves to inflict his unique brand of training upon.

Before we lost touch we had a habit of getting blind drunk together and flirting outrageously. A friend of mine met a situation where she required her slave to eat his meals after he had served her and cleared the table. It is quite common for Mistresses who are members of a group to swap slaves for domestic service, though it is very rare to do so for sexual service. I caught my breath as I realized how soon I would be seeing her young body in the flesh for the first time.

There had been a higher than ever instance of soldiers leaving the army and disappearing back into society during his period as training officer, and after a while questions were asked and aspirations cast about his suitability to train young recruits.

She had begun to groan, the pain in her wrist forgotten she slumped forward in her bonds "Stop Does she love to spend time on FetLife? That was that for several years.

For fiends 'in the know' the slave usually accompanies me on these visits. Swedish porn milf. She requires obedience training, slave training, in order to attain the level of obedience that I expect from my perfect slave.

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I expect the slave to greet me clean and sweet smelling having showered, and to be ready to attend to my needs. Nude fat sexy women. I use the remote control device now so it is merely a matter of pressing the button.

Jobs such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, changing linen, gardening etc can all be done by the slave. I wanted to see if it was possible to turn this round, and see if it was possible to, get a female subject to accept the bondage as the reality. Show More Amateur Fetish spanking flogging tormenting whipping pain punishment bdsm slave amateurs sub. A consensual slave is one who has agreed to serve his Mistress as a slave.

After three or four frustrated attempts to climax under my supervision, I discovered her on camera attempting to finish the job after I had left her and gone back upstairs. Training a slave. The goal of behavioral slave training is to establish behavior that is consistent and reflects her slavery. The tension had begun to show, and as I delivered her 'maintenance' whippings, a thin trickle fluid would often be seen at the top of her thighs, the burning of the switch only magnifying the flaming need that had taken up residence between her thighs.

The slave will know that his servitude is being monitored and assessed in the presence of others without any sign of it happening and any word being spoken.

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I walked behind her, tucking the switch under my arm. This becomes even more important where a master owns more than one slave. It is not a good idea to set the slave so many tasks that it is impossible to complete them properly. Marilyn monroe nude tumblr. Why Dominant Guide? There are basically two categories of chastity device for male slaves, the chastity tube and the chastity belt.

Anything less than this is unacceptable. I inform him as to the things I am not pleased with and announce the points awarded. My experience over the years has shown that exactly the opposite is the case. Enjoy the ride!

If I snap my fingers he bows once again, crawls from the room and takes position behind my chair. The third hole was sited in a way which meant the padlock that passed through it pulled the pink nub unnaturally away from her body, preventing the protective hood from retracting back over it, and leaving it on permanent display, sore and swollen. Then I remembered my camera. And why not; it is her choice. Amatuer lesbian sex tumblr. She owned no clothes, no high heels to shape her calves and force her to walk with her hips thrust out.

I kept quiet, waiting for her to begin. The duty lists each day are different, ensuring that all routine cleaning and tidying tasks are carried out every week. Lastly, squeezed together on the same chair were Shona and Mike. Here the male is in control and sets the boundaries. Preparing the meal is not an excuse for tardiness in reporting in this case. I used to write down different tasks on a piece of paper you could get your slave to do this. Although it was quite late, I ushered her into the living room and poured her a glass of wine before taking seat opposite her.

I actually assessed him as having very good slave potential. The hips, back, sides and front of the torso should be left for more flexible implements such as whips and tawses. Submissive blonde gets trained to deal two cocks at once. For the submissive male the mental image of being a non consensual slave is extremely powerful.

His hands can be folded tightly in the small of his back, placed palms down beside his head or used to spread his buttock cheeks presenting the anus to the Mistress.

The slave tongue must be trained to stimulate the Mistress according to her mood. She was even prettier naked than I could have imagined. Id better go," she stammered, reaching for her coat. Exhibitionists and voyeurs mainly attended these venues and everything was done with a very happy, consensual air. Even a minor mistake must be dealt with in order to condition the slaves. As I mounted the stairs to my bedroom, looking forward to my soft yielding pillows and warm, comforting quilt, I pondered Shona's activities that evening.

Leaning over the table, oblivious to the view I was getting of her cleavage for I had begun to take notice of her attributes recentlyshe spoke again; with a yet more eager note to her voice, "Tell me what I have do!

He knows that if I ever see a hair on his genital area or under his arms he will be caned.

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Bdsm cam chats — Click here to chat to Mistresses. Atlanta female escorts. I was are of course, that there was a possibility she had reached orgasm during sleep, but his had occurred without her knowledge and constituted a physical release, the psychological tension still inexistence the following morning. This is present tense training, not future oriented. Give reasons, purposes, and explanations to the best of your ability as to why you want such and such done in a certain way.

It's too painful. When he has replaced the covers over me he presents the demerit book and enters whatever I award. A wire cutter is always available should an emergency arise. Tumblr very short skirts Mistresses have often said to me that being a full time Mistress is very hard to maintain all the time. Training a slave. I had surpassed my self in the construction of her prison, ensuring that no item had been overlooked.

I walked slowly down to the cellar, feeling almost sorry for the huddled figure in the corner of her cell, shaking like a frightened animal. The slave tongue must be trained to stimulate the Mistress according to her mood.

I made my way up to my bed, lying warm and comfortable under the thick luxurious duvet, contemplating the next part of my curriculum.

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